14 June 2010

Teacher's day

In Hungary Teacher's day is on first Sunday of June.
I used cans to make 6 buckets like this.

Credits: empty can, wire, glue, embellishments, insulation stripe.

1. Open the can with care to avoid sharp edges.
2. Remove label and ask your husband to make holes on it for ears.
3. Glue a paper round the can! After it punch the paper at the holes!

4. Tape upper edge with the stripe!

5. Cut out a piece of paper and glue it to the inner side! And again, do not forget the holes!
6. Cut the wire of desired length and bend it! String on it everything you want! Including the tag! Bend inner edges of the wire to the can's side towards the ear itself!

 7. Decorate the bucket with embellishments!

 8. And finally fill up with some gifts. Some candies, pencil/pen for teachers, as things always needed.

And your child could take it to the school or kindergarten!

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Beautiful blog and photos, have a nice day Radka.

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