11 April 2010

Recipe book

Two years ago I started a recipe book for my sister. Here is the first post. At long last I finished. (Though new pages could be added later. ;))

The cover is a wordcloud, made using a free application. Inner pages  are glued and laminated together. On the back I stamped with CreatiWitches: Only You stamp, and wrote there her name.

Every page has a different design, but the stamp indicating cooking time is on every single page. Dividers are of cheerful colored cardstock, also laminated.

Pictures were taken right after lamination, look a bit crinkly, so light is refracted strangely on the pages. After 2 days and 3 volumes of Larousse encyclopedia all pages became smooth. :))

So let's cook! :PP

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Rylea said...

This is awesome girl. I have made a cookbook or two myself for my girls, adding all my personal recipes but it truly looked nothing as beautiful as yours. I might have to do another one......thanks for sharing inspirations

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