11 April 2010

Recipe book

Two years ago I started a recipe book for my sister. Here is the first post. At long last I finished. (Though new pages could be added later. ;))

The cover is a wordcloud, made using a free application. Inner pages  are glued and laminated together. On the back I stamped with CreatiWitches: Only You stamp, and wrote there her name.

Every page has a different design, but the stamp indicating cooking time is on every single page. Dividers are of cheerful colored cardstock, also laminated.

Pictures were taken right after lamination, look a bit crinkly, so light is refracted strangely on the pages. After 2 days and 3 volumes of Larousse encyclopedia all pages became smooth. :))

So let's cook! :PP

5 April 2010

Another 2 eggs!

I hid 2 new eggs on DigitalScrapInk.
They are like these:

Good hunting!

4 April 2010

Easter egg hunting is starting!

I hid two eggs!

I hid my first two eggs on DigitalScrapInk. Find them somewhere in the forum, in the gallery, in blog comments or in my store.

They look like this:

Good hunting, Happy Easter!

2 April 2010

Printable easter eggs - freebie

There will be Easter Egg Hunting at DigitalScrapInk between 3 and 5 of April. Every designer created several surprise eggs containing freebies or coupons. I have 5. These eggs will be hidden somewhere on the site, and who finds an egg can use the inherited coupon or download the freebie.
My eggs are traditional Hungarians, red and patterned.

This is a freebie in png format. If you'd like to download, look for it on DSI:

I created a printable version also. Perfect for card making, I also used it. :))

Eggs were printed on fabric, cut off and glued to the folded cardstock. Felicitations were also printed,  looked for color fitting paper for upper part, cut with scalloped scissors. Chalked round with red and that's all.

Yellow and white cardstocks, K&Co patterned paper
SzunyĆ³: Easter Eggs freebie
Red cat-eye ink

Printable eggs are to download from here:


Szunyo Design