13 June 2009

Victory worth more than anything...

New week, new game, new winner!
Watch the video!


Congratulations to the winner, and thank you all for participating in the game, which will go on!
(I'm asking the winner to contact me on the email address at left to talk the details over.)

Will be back soon with... With what? :DD I will think up. ;))


Osli said...

Gratulálok ;)

Ányi said...

Én is gratula .-)

Secima said...

Gratulálok én is. :)

Szilvii02 said...

Először el sem hittem, hogy én lettem kisorsolva, még soha nem nyertem sehol. Nagyon örülök neki, köszönöm!!

Kriszta (hozak) said...

Gratulálok Szilvi!

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