21 June 2009

Everybody Loves a Winner...

Everybody Loves a Winner... The next winner is here near! Watch the video!

Congratulations to the winner, and thank you all for participating in the game, which will go on!
(I'm asking the winner to contact me on the email address at left to talk the details over.)

Coming soon... the finish! :((

And the biiiiiiig draw! :))

Who will be the grand-grand winner receiving a 10 USD coupon to buy any of my kits? Come and play in the last week of this game!


Szilvi said...

Gratulálok Noncsi! :*

altalena said...

De örülök Noncsi, gratulálok:)

Secima said...

Noncsi, én is nagyon gratulálok! :))

Osli said...

Én is! Én is! :)

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