26 June 2009

The Biiig Draw!

Yes, we are really at the end of this game....

Thank you all very much to play with me, either persistently or just occasionally looked in. Hope it was fun, and everybody became richer with at least a kit and good feelings, winners got a little gift and the grand winner have a 10 USD coupon.

Congratulations to the grand winner and to all who participated, hoping You had as a good time as I had, thanks You!

Come and check in to my blog at any time, there will be freebies and games!
Waiting for you!

(I will not be here tomorrow but Sunday I will answer to all letters.)


Ann said...

Áááááááááááááá, nem is hittam volna :))))) Dejóóóóó!!!! Köszönöm!!! :))))

Kriszta (hozak) said...

Ann, Gratulálok!

Secima said...

Én is gratulálok, Ann! :))))))))

Jovi said...

Ann, gratu Neked is! :))

Sabee said...

Gratulálok én is :))

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