15 May 2009

Play! Blog Candy!

Bolhapiac (my Hungarian blog) is going to be 2 years old exactly 6 weeks from now. So I thought about: let's play together during these 6 weeks!

So, what this game is about: every week (a week is between Thursdays, ends at Thursday 24:00 CEST) I publish a freebie with 6 elements to this blog.
Different type of embellishments each week. (E.g. 6 buttons, 6 flowers, etc.) So if you collect all, you'll have a freebie kit containing 36 assorted pieces matching in color and style.
To increase difficulty I'll not tell you in advance the day of the week publishing the next freebie, and you'll have a limited time to get that freebies. 2 days for the first 2 occasions, but only 24 hours for the rest.

Weekly prize: a 50% off coupon usable for my kits/embellishments until June 30, 2009. Comment on my weekly post and each week I will do a random draw to choose a winner. (The coupon is valid for all my kits/embellishments, even if they are not in the stores yet. So, if you want, you can wait until the end of June to get my newest kits.)

Grand prize: on June 26, 2009 I will randomly choose a winner (from all, who wrote a comment during these 6 weeks) to receive a 10 USD coupon, which is also usable to buy my kits before June 30, 2009.

You can comment and win each week to get that week's prize. It's not a problem to write more than one comment a week, but your chance of winning will not be higher.
If somebody will be so lucky that wins more than one prize, the coupons could be combined to a 100% off.
If you comment for different weekly posts, your chance for the grand prize is multiplying.

Attention! Blog candy alert!

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angelfaye said...

what a great idea - good luck!!

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