2 May 2009

Mini-book for Dédi

It was made for Dédi (great-grandma in Hungarian) as a Mother's Day gift. (In Hungary Mother's Day is celebrated on first Sunday in May.)
Only some decorations, no tricky solutions, without much text and no quote, as Dédi cannot see well by now. Hope she'll like it! :))

This page was made using a printed green paper from my Grandma kit:

The following page has some fluid pearls, a lace from the bottom of the wardrobe and a Making Memories checked ribbon:

On the last pair of pages there is Dédi together with her 6 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. The embellishments are printed parts of the Grandma kit, a Making Memories ribbon and some stamps.

Look at closer pictures:

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angelfaye said...

this is soooo beautiful - I'm sure Dedi will love it! xx

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