29 August 2010

Flower Carnival

There was a long silence here, as work was started after summer holiday. (Teaching math, physics and informatics in a high school.)
Every year, 20th of August, decorated flower cars, accompanying with dance and performance groups from all over the world, are passing along the city of Debrecen on a 5 kms long route. The parade day and festival week is closed by fireworks and street party.
Using my photos I made digital pages and a flipping book. Fireworks photos are from haon.hu.
Click on the picture and use the full screen mode to get a better view of details, even if the text is in Hungarian. :)

5 July 2010

I hid...

I hid 2 freebies somewhere on the DSI site. :)

Go! ;)

4 July 2010

Happy Birthday DigitalScrapInk!

DSI is celebrating its 1st birthday with great sales and give-aways worth to see!

Each designers' store is on sale now! There is also a 30% off sale at Szunyo Design store!

Every designer hid (or will hide) little gift boxes with a coupon or freebie in it. They could be in the forum, galery, store, ... Works same way as recent Easter Egg Hunting.
My gifts are (will be) behind boxes like this:

I hid 2 coupons and 2 freebies somewhere on the DSI site. Here are the preview of my freebies: (6 summer brushes both in png and .abr (PSCS3) format, and 6 summer marble brads.)

Each designer made a Grab Bag with surprises in it. My can be found here and like this:

Good hunting!

21 June 2010

New release - Sketch Abc

I uploaded to DigitalScrapInk my new alphabets called Sketch Abc I-II. Contains: full uppercase and lowercase abc, 2 punctuation marks, 10 digits in png format. All of them are also in .abr format (brush) for Photoshop CS3.

Coming soon... ... ...

14 June 2010

Teacher's day

In Hungary Teacher's day is on first Sunday of June.
I used cans to make 6 buckets like this.

Credits: empty can, wire, glue, embellishments, insulation stripe.

1. Open the can with care to avoid sharp edges.
2. Remove label and ask your husband to make holes on it for ears.
3. Glue a paper round the can! After it punch the paper at the holes!

4. Tape upper edge with the stripe!

5. Cut out a piece of paper and glue it to the inner side! And again, do not forget the holes!
6. Cut the wire of desired length and bend it! String on it everything you want! Including the tag! Bend inner edges of the wire to the can's side towards the ear itself!

 7. Decorate the bucket with embellishments!

 8. And finally fill up with some gifts. Some candies, pencil/pen for teachers, as things always needed.

And your child could take it to the school or kindergarten!

11 April 2010

Recipe book

Two years ago I started a recipe book for my sister. Here is the first post. At long last I finished. (Though new pages could be added later. ;))

The cover is a wordcloud, made using a free application. Inner pages  are glued and laminated together. On the back I stamped with CreatiWitches: Only You stamp, and wrote there her name.

Every page has a different design, but the stamp indicating cooking time is on every single page. Dividers are of cheerful colored cardstock, also laminated.

Pictures were taken right after lamination, look a bit crinkly, so light is refracted strangely on the pages. After 2 days and 3 volumes of Larousse encyclopedia all pages became smooth. :))

So let's cook! :PP

5 April 2010

Another 2 eggs!

I hid 2 new eggs on DigitalScrapInk.
They are like these:

Good hunting!

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